About this Book

So you want to be a lawyer?  Making the commitment to attend law school is often a tough decision. And choosing the right law school for you is even more difficult. What makes a law school great?  What makes the significant financial commitment worth the investment? What can you do with a law degree?  And will a law degree help you change the world?  Choosing the right law school is an intensely personal decision. It should align with your own values.  If you are interested in public service, these considerations must be a central part of the calculus in choosing the right law school for you.

The Society of American Law Teachers is committed to supporting a diverse pipeline for social justice-minded law students, especially in this time of economic challenges. We hope this book will inspire students to consider law as a viable career. Despite the challenges, law school is an important step for many people who want to dedicate their lives to promoting justice. Law is a unique profession with special social obligations and opportunities. For those considering a career in law – especially those considering making a contribution to practice in underserved communities – we hope this guide can be an important resource.

This book begins with an overview of the legal profession and different ways to practice law.  It offers information on law school admissions, debt repayment, and choosing the right law school for you, as well as information on the law school curriculum.  In addition to the law professors who volunteered to write this book, we relied on interviews with law students and attorneys in the field.  Throughout the text, law students share their insight on these considerations during the law school process. Finally, we have included a self-assessment and checklist for more guidance.

Lawyers are life-long learners. You first lesson is on the process of educating yourself about law school.  Making a smart decision that limits your debt exposure and emphasizes the special goals you have to serve the community will help you make the best choice for you.

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